We clean, iron, and package laundry in the industries below. Call us now for a long-term contract of our laundry services.

commercial laundry and drycleaning in kenya

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Having your staff spend time on coordinating or washing laundry can be time consuming and take them away from more important tasks. That’s where we come in. We believe that every person in the healthcare industry deserves to be be treated with respect. Which is why our laundry services are designed with alot of individuals in minde - the patients, care givers, cleaners, caretakers, chefs and the management. We clean;

  • Bedspreads
  • Sheets
  • Aprons
  • Hospital Gowns
  • Pillows

Restaurants, Hotels and Lodges.

Imesa commercial laundry works with restaurants, hotels and lodges. Stains and soil from catering laundry requires a different detergent that works to remove food and oils from the linen. We've had great success with treating and removing stains, if you have a pile of stained linen, try us today. You will be happy with our results. Clean bedding is more comforting. Bedding in hotels and lodges need to be cleaned regulary to ensure that your guest get good sleep and good health. We clean;

  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Towels
  • Napkins
  • Aprons
  • Tablecloth
  • Catering Staff Uniforms
  • Kitchen Linen.
commercial laundry and drycleaning in kenya
commercial laundry and drycleaning in kenya


Imesa commercial laundry takes care of all your in-flight laundry cleaning requirements. We ensure that your First Class, Upper Class and Business Class flights have hygienically clean duvets, duvet covers, blankets, pillows, head rest covers, tray cloths, table cloths, napkins, face cloths and any other cabin linen you have.

Factory Laundry Services

We provide laundry and dry cleaning services to factories who require fast and efficient services without compromising on the quality of the cleaning. Utilizing some of the newest technology available, we are able to process uniforms, aprons and any other linen used within the premises

commercial laundry and drycleaning in kenya
commercial laundry and drycleaning in kenya

Government Institutions' Laundry

When Government institutions are dealing with huge quantities of laundry for any important events or functions and you are required to engage a reliable laundry service provider that could meet the high expectation of your staff, Imesa Commercial Laundry are here to serve you. Our laundry service is designed to provide personalized laundry cleaning solutions for Government Security Agencies and other institutions. Our management and cleaning staff are committed in providing the best service quality with reasonable price. As always we pick-up and deliver the laundry to your premises free of charge. Drop us an e-mail, Request order or call our friendly customer service staff to schedule a pick up. We do:

  • Dry Cleaning And Laundry for National Day Parade
  • Dry Cleaning And Laundry for Special Events
  • Dry Cleaning And Laundry for Uniform

Business Laundry Service

If you are a business owner or a professional, your main focus should be on the areas of your core activities to generate more income. There are occasions where you need to attend important events or meeting up with VIP customers and guests. You need to present yourself by dressing the best. Most people want to have the clothing and dress they put on properly cleaned and neatly pressed. They always panic and distress in search of a reliable laundry cleaning service that understands how to clean their expensive dresses, suits and designer labels. We understand the high expectations, urgencies and priorities and thats why we are here to serve you.

commercial laundry and drycleaning in kenya